call of the wild

The other day I got a call from the Media Coordinator for Sea Shepherd. She told me I was in charge of producing and directing a shoot with all 3 Sea Shepherd Ships here in Mexico. The M/V Farley Mowat, M/V John Paul Dejoria ad our newest addition to the fleet the M/V Sharpie. Operation Milagro History was being made as never before has there been 3 ships together at the same time. But with the poachers getting more emboldened with their weapon of choice launching “ Molotov Cocktails” at our crews and shooting down our drones, we now having Mexican Military on board with us and it seemed like a good time for a show of might.
Well, nothing like less than 24 hours to produce and set up a shoot with 3 ships, 3 onboard and on the water media teams, and 3 sets of military officers. Ha, our days on the SA World Tour were nothing compared to this. From late electricians here to fix radar screens, a ship still out on patrol collecting nets to a massive fog bank rolling into the area what could possibly go wrong. Well, the window was closing quickly as it was now 3:45pm and we haven’t gotten a single shot off. But the ships got into their first formation and we were rolling, Sun sets at 5:24 so we are pressed for time, “ did that look good to you” I answered, “doesn’t matter, on to the next shot”.
We knocked out about 30 set ups with the drone and the onboard teams were able to sneak plenty of footage out of the drones view. Our on the water team (with me back in my element) were able to get enough shots when the drone was changing batteries to tie it all together.
With a quick turnaround here is a little teaser, with a longer video to come soon.
Rev. Petey Out