offshore od

Keith Magnussen onboard the J/125 Timeshaver takes us to the battlefront in the SD-PV Race.
We have a race on our hands folks!  It finally is warming up (to my standards) and we were able to dry the boat out a bit.  These things become uncivilized so fast.
After a night of 20-25kts TWS (hard to tell with no instruments) and funky seas, we woke up to find ourselves in the midst of a boat on boat fight with the other J-125.  They are sailing well and we have been able to see them for most of the race.  Last night was tough driving and with no instruments we just went with heel angle.  4 degrees of heel equals fast, or so we think.  Top speed od 19.8kts anf some full on planing at 17-18kts for extended periods.  Seriously fun stuff.
After making it through that we have had a morning of light air and a rise in temperature. A good surprise for us today was that the instruments started working! Magic I guess.  We are now cruising along with the 2A up in about 10kts of wind.  Erik dove in a few hours ago to clear some kelp off the sail drive, super annoying stuff.
Looks like we did well last night and are moving up in the rankings.  Blue Blazes is just in front of us and the Lucky Duck is inside.  Pretty pleased with how things are shaking out so far and loving the one design battle we have going on!
Today has been a good one for us. We kept the boat moving in the morning with the 1A and then got the 2A up as soon as it hit 9kts TWS. We have been pushing the boat hard and were rewarded with a healthy crossing on Derivative around 16:30. The jybed outside of us and we are again pacing them but from different perspectives this time with us in the lead. A long way to go and I am sure that there will be more changes to come.
We were also treated to a close crossing with RIO 100. We thought we had them on starboard for a bit but they came through about 5 of their boat lengths ahead. Great spectacle. They are headed to the shore while we are on a good line to our next waypoint about 120 miles away. See what Hippy has in store for us.
Track ’em.