On Board Timeshaver en route to Puerto Vallarta with a story told by the one guy you don’t want to be……
Yesterday our tracker went off line for about 12 hours or so. When I first noticed that we had lost about 50nm, I told no one, keeping stuff like that all bottled up inside is not good for your headspace.
Never have I been so relieved when this morning an email came through from race committee confirming my suspicions. They instructed us how to reset it and almost instantly we were right back where we thought we should be.
Derivative slightly in front and outside, Horizon and Blue Blazes abeam and inside and we have a horse race. It’s been blowing high teens, some low 20’s…just got off a stint on the helm, tons of 17’s with a high of 18.7…life is short but it can be wide!
the hip
And from KMag…
Ok we are in it now! Breeze on, just peeled to the 2.5A from the 2A and we are mobbing along with a top speed of 17kts or so. Unfortunate for us that the other 125 got outside (we think)last night and into more pressure. They have a slight lead but we can see them off our starbord side. We are both pacing each other so its all good for now.
Took some time to make the sail change call because of the lack of wind instruments. We just go by feel. Came up on deck during my off watch and talked it over with Erik and when we finally made the call it was a bit late. The 2.5A is giving us a better overall and top speed so win win. Just have to make the transition when it lightens up because the mew 2A from Ullman is amazing (Thanks Bruce Hollis for the design).
Life is pretty awesome on the boat. We laugh about everything and are dead serious at the same time so it eases up any tension. Epic sunrises and the moon is insane. It is so bright that th glow fast draft stripes on the main do not glow!
Hippy says we have this breeze for a while now so I am going to go drive!