very familiar territory

On Board
Well well here we are again. Same boat same scenario. We had a great day yesterday and as the night fall came we were just off of Ensenada in great breeze cruising along nicely and wham! The instruments start to bug out. How many times have I sailed down this coast to Cabo or PV with no instruments? More times that I have with that is for sure. So lets jump to the present time. We are going really well with the 3A and just skirting some mini squalls that are making the sail calls a bit tricky.
We started the day out with a positive roll call from the RC, first in class and third overall. One of those boats in front of us, SRM, had an unfortunate accident and had to turn back. We saw them pull sails down in front of us and then hailed on CH 16 for advice. Sounds like someone lost a bit of a finger! Ouch!
We are all looking forward tot he night to see how we fare with only boat speed on the NKE’s! Free advertising NKE!! Your stuff never worked on Loco (C&C30) and it is suspect A.F. on Timeshaver! Good news is the compass light does not work so we get to have extra fun!
Still in the hunt though and still like our chances!! Hippy can still point the boat in the right direction and we can make it fast! Hoping for something on the step soon! – KMag on Timeshaver heading to Mexico.