saddle up

Back Again! Seems like it has been a long time since i sat down to write one of these for Sailing Anarchy and one thing is certain, I am stoked to be doing it. Our topic this time is the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race on the J-125 Timeshaver (yes back again). This bi-annual event is one of my favorites and the Timeshaver is obviously my favourite boat to race on. Viggo Torbensen (owner) has been working day and night to get the boat ready and has done a fantastic job. The Hippy (Jon Shmapain) finally got back from his “lazy” vacation in new Zealand and dug right in a month ago making sure the everything is tip top. Sailing on a boat he has prepared is pleasure. His work ethic and attention to detail ensures the boat will be 100% ready to go. It is fun watching him work with Viggo!
Our crew also consist of Erik Shampain, Blake Hamilton, Bill Blazer and myself. This crew has made me really excited for the race. I have known Erik and his Dad since I was a kid and Viggo and Blake have been friends for around 15 years! Bill on the other hand, kind of sketchy so we will see… Just kidding, he came on for Big Boat Series in 2017 and fit right in. He is solid all round great sailor and fun person.
Hippie is navigating and I stopped letting him give me weather updates when I realized it was going to rain for a day. I am sure if you hop in the forums you can get the low down on what everyone is guessing. pretty sure it will be painful to begin, super fun in the middle, and a little painful towards the finish. Waiting at the end is the big reward, another week of racing MEXORC in the amazing Banderas Bay!
This is one of the most excited I have been for a race with the whole month of March lining up nicely. MEXORC is an amazing event and we are looking forward to some great sailing. Then I am heading up the coast for some surfing and eventually over to Cabo. Going to meet the Hippy there with Timeshaver and have an adventure up the coast! Should be an interesting month. – Keith Magnussen.