how it went down

This is an incredible story about what happened to the Oyster 825 Polina Star III, and how it led directly to the downfall of Oyster Yachts. It must be noted that this story is the opinion of Alexander V. Ezhkov, and in no way are we agreeing with nor disputing the content of said story.
A first-hand account of what happened to the Oyster 825-02 sailing yacht, Polina Star III, and how a failure to handle the dispute properly, in our opinion, caused the liquidation of the shipyard.
In a span of over 40 years of its history, Oyster built over a thousand yachts. They were always noted for their exceptional levels of luxury, reliability, and build quality. In all, the brand used to be the Rolls-Royce of the sailing yacht world. How was it even possible, then, that a new Oyster boat, less than a year after delivery, literally fell apart in the open sea for no apparent reason, putting not only the brand’s prestige but the lives of its customers in grave danger? Read the full story here.