phrf killer!

While walking the docks today with my gorgeous fiance, I spied Vince Brun standing on this Farr 40 at SDYC. “Hey Vince, is that yours?” “Yes. I just got it!” So we chatted for quite a bit – the Farr 40 NA’s and are in Long Beach this year and he wants to do that (bets on an early favorite, anyone). It was really great catching up with Vince. He is without a doubt not only one of the best sailors, ever, but just a super friendly and gracious guy. He wants to do the beer cans in San Diego which I think is so great coming from him!
He traded his power boat for the 40 (“Scot, I’m not really a power boater!”), and it will be cool to see Vince and team out racing locally. I know North and I aren’t besties, but talking with Vince today kinda made me wish I’d reached across the aisle a long time ago.
Oh well, to quote the Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Never been a better time than right now!”