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Our friend Jim Hahn was doing what he loved on Saturday, February 3, skiing in Vermont, when he had a catastrophic accident that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. Ski patrol rushed Jim down the mountain and he was airlifted to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, where he underwent surgery Saturday night to stabilize his spine. Jim, being the character that he is, made sure to quiz the Helo pilot on the maintenance records of the helicopter during the flight.

Jim is a loving father and husband, who, when not traveling the coast working boat shows for Ronstan, enjoys quality family time on their Express 34 Houdini, skiing with friends and family in Vermont, cooking up a meal, kicking off the “Merry Making Season”, “warming the deck” in May, and dreaming about sports cars, among many other things. A consummate cheerleader for everyone, Jim is always there with an encouraging “Send it!” in whatever you’re doing. In short, Jim is not just the life of the party, he puts the life in every day.

Jim has been a staple in numerous classes, including the Swan 45 and Swan 42 class. Alix, Jim’s wife, is a two time International Women’s Keelboat Champ (2016/2017) and a truly incredible person on and off the water.

There’s some chatter in the forums, and a GoFundMe site for those who wish to contribute or send positive vibes. The Hahn’s are attacking this full force, and are extremely grateful for the support they’ve received from our incredible sailing community.