Being ThereFoiling

ready for prime time?

After a couple of aborted events, the Superfoiler Grand Prix held its first-ever race yesterday, and in light to moderate breeze in Adelaide, half the fleet actually finished the race!  This despite the Superfoiler’s reputation for doing unannounced cartwheels and somersaults while sailing along normally, and the inability of even rock stars to keep the boat under its mast.

Just three teams finished the inaugural race, and we think the organizers may have been a little surprised that they made it: We can’t find a single result on the SF Grand Prix website…or even who’s sailing…

There’s more on Facebook, but it ain’t easy to find.  Fortunately, Andrea Francolini shot the kind of picture that dissolves all our concerns away.  Who cares who won when we have photos like this?

They tell us there is live streaming of the weekend’s action starting in a few hours.  Watch if you dare!