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Big Pimpin’

Time and tide wait for no man’, so the saying goes, and when it comes to precious time spent campaigning racing yachts then you do what’s necessary to run everything as efficiently as possible. That’s one of the reasons why a growing number of raceboat owners and their skippers are calling on Sevenstar Yacht Transport to run their logistics for them.

Sevenstar enjoy the benefit of having access to a wide choice of long-range vessels to suit the boat that is to be transported, be it a more conventional lift-on/lift-off ship like this or one of the fleet of semi submersible transport ships shared with Florida based sister operation Dockwise Yacht Transport. Wherever it is practical, the semi-submersible option is the preferred choice for larger sailing yachts where detaching a substantial backstay, even briefly, brings with it insurance considerations as well as the major logistics

The head of Racing Yacht Logistics at Sevenstar, former top navigator Wouter Verbraak, knows the grand prix racing scene well. ‘At Sevenstar we like to say we make the world smaller,’ explains the Dutchman. ‘By which we mean we help to deliver racing yachts from one place to the next more quickly and with the least hassle.’ – Read on.