it came to consume us

Day two at The Boot failed to convince me that this show, like an alien from space, (and perhaps delivered via the craft pictured above) isn’t growing larger by the day, with the goal of encapturing us all and never letting us leave…ever!
Naw, the show is just amazing, and though  I have whined like a two-year old about how much there is to cover, I feel very lucky to be a part of it. And speaking of that, I want to thank all of you fans of SA who have been so kind in coming up to me and saying how much you enjoy our site! You have no idea how much that means to me. Honestly, it is just so great to know that so many of the professionals and sailors in our sport appreciate what we do.
Don’t get me wrong, I have received a little stink eye from just a couple of folks who clearly don’t like us, but that just comes with the territory!
One of the things that is both understandable and ridiculous are the barriers to entry to step aboard the huge and hugely impressive offerings from the Big Ballers in the industry. Solaris, Swan, CNB, etc. make it so that you have to make it by the gatekeepers – always nice looking youngish women who have clearly been told not to let the riff raft in. I get it but jesus, it’s harder than trying to get into club Berghain. Here’s a great story related to that superior ‘tude.
Beneteau has a huge display here  – you have to climb up 20 stairs just to get to the gate nazis (oops, bad word to use here!). I walked up to the cute thing and said, “Hi, I’m from Sailing Anarchy and I’d like to talk to the person who handles your advertising.” She looked me in the eyes and said “They’re not here.” Okay, well may I simply get their card? “No” was the totality of her response.
I couldn’t fucking believe it! So I said “really?”  She said I don’t have one here, and I responded by asking if she could get one for me. She replied with a glare and again, said “No”. By now I’m really amused. I asked, “Is that really your answer, no?”” She just stared at me the way a princess would stare at a bum, and said “yes.” I just laughed at her and left. Of course I don’t expect her to know or really even care who we are, but jesus h. christ, get off your ass and get me a card!!!
I am not expecting that reception when I sit down at talk to talk with Oyster CEO David  Tydeman today. Although maybe I will as I completely missed our planned visit yesterday…!
The space craft looking thing pictured at the top is a very cool and no doubt expensive high-end rib that I stumbled upon as I made a quick tour of that part of the world. And to all of you fantastic gear, rope, electronics, et al folks, I am going to do my best to harass you today!
So much more to show and tell but I will indeed do so tonight. – Ed