too big to eat

If you’ve  never been, the Dusseldorf Boat Show is massive, in ways that are hard to imagine. Picure something like 10 huge indoor sports areanas, put them on one propery, and then fill the things full of boats! All kinds of boats – Giant performance cruisers, any number of dinghies, sport boats, cruisers, odd one-offs, multihulls of every stripe. And that is just one hall!

We are embarking on our second day here and are both stoked and awed by the enormity of this monstrous show! Hopefully I won’t be wasting my evening at the adult ballet (Wasting is awfully harsh. Perhaps I meant ‘find a more productive way to spend my evening’) and can sit down to write a proper review, but in the meantime, the new RS 21 is my favorite so far!

Today we are meeting with Sttuart Johnstone of J Boats and the big cheese from Oyster to start the day, with a fuck-ton of many more all day,

But there is one huge thing lacking at this show: Where in the hell are the bars?? Each hall should be serving drinks, but I couldn’t find a single one. What in the hell good are boats if they aren’t combined with booze?