unidentified foiling object

We asked “What is it” about one of top hollywood and video game artist David Levy’s insane sailing renders last week (with another of his ‘space-sailboats’ in the pic), and of course y’all got it in seconds.  What we didn’t know is that Levy is a longtime reader of SA and he checked into the thread…

“Hi guys, I am the creator of these images. Shocked to see my image doing the front page of a forum I visit regularly. And right away I knew I would have to brace for impact! Was quite cracking up reading the replies as I usually do when reading these forums. 
“A little bit of background. I am originally from France, grew up sailing with my dad cruising and racing in the mediterranean sea, and windsurfed for many years. As a kid I grew up obsessed with the America’s cup and drawing 12mji’s as we called them in France. My job took me in a very different direction, the movie industry, as an industrial designer and concept artist. This foiler (monohull yes) is a small snippet of a massive book coming soon about yachts done with other guys. I am responsible for the sailing segment, and extremely proud to do something about my lifelong passion. I hope you guys will enjoy it, if not I will keep cracking up reading the comments anyway 
“ps: I did these concepts in 2014 but was excited to see the AC may go the foiling monohull road. Hell I am excited even if they do it on optimists.”