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Our discussion forums remain the best ever in this sport, in no small part because we allow people to speak their minds, but also because there is reams and reams of great information buried in there somewhere..! Here is a good post from today that will no doubt get some good feedback. 
Ok, this year my goal is to improve my downwid boat speed. I’ve worked on getting the boat balanced and a neutral helm.   Boat is 20′ full keel, non-spin, using a whisker pole, fractional rig.  jib is  non-overlapping.
We have an open class and therefore everyone uses adjustable whisker poles.   What is the optimal length for the whisker pole?   As long as you can extend so the jib is board flat?   Or minimize it down to  J length?  What shape of the sail should I be trying to achieve?     Is there a formula?
Once I have that figured out, I’ll be working on my angles or whichever helpful suggestions that come along.
Jump in.