paint it red

Big Pimpin’
If you can dream it, you can do it,’ said Enzo Ferrari. His 125 S, the first car ever to sport the prancing horse, was unleashed from its Maranello stable 70 years ago and soon recorded Ferrari’s first grand prix win. Enzo had never shown any interest in building anything except racing cars, but he dreamed it, and in 1950 he did it, with the 166 Inter, Ferrari’s debut grand tourer. That worked out pretty well.
Comparisons between Ferrari and Persico are obvious: passion, craft, innovation, excellence and a track record of success. They also share vision, the ability to identify a gap in the market and to own it. In the (very) grand touring market the Italian yacht builder is redefining performance superyachting through its collaboration with Wally Yachts, but, as CEO Marcello Persico wryly noted, ‘Not many people are looking for maxis and superyachts.’
In the custom build of a 65-footer Marcello believes he has spotted a new gap in the performance cruising market. He plans to own it with the Felci65.
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