g's up, 'ho's down

Local Knowledge
This year’s Sydney to Hobart was by all accounts hard to beat! Our KIWI boat (Ran Tan 2), a canting keel Elliot 50 was delivered to Sydney from Auckland in November. With plenty of offshore miles under her belt she was always going to fly in a downwind ‘Ho-Down’!!
We had a mediocre start but did well the first 24 hours staying with most of the TP52s. Unfortunately about 24 hours in we broke the prod, meaning hotter angles, greater distance sailed and lost miles. We finished 16th on line, just under 2 days, great for a 10 year old boat! Thanks to our amazing skipper Brian Petersen and navi-guess-or Brian Kent who did an amazing job! (Kent is a SoCal transplant. -ed)
– Anarchist Tom