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It’s super rare to get a look inside a designer’s head, which is why we absolutely loved this page of sketches by the designers of the all-new Gunboat 68, part of Gunboat’s new series of articles on design and construction to celebrate GB68 #1 coming out of the molds. We’ve excerpted the story below, but head over to the GB newsletter for the full read or to sign up for the next one. 
The prior Gunboats had either low or high walkthroughs from the transom. Both have their benefits, but also drawbacks. On the Gunboat 68, a mid-height walkthrough transom creates the best of both worlds, with maximum space and light in the aft cabin and also the security in having a physical barrier from following seas while offshore. The traveler is mounted all the way back on the aft beam. This, in conjunction with the mast further aft, meant a balanced, modern sail profile (with the added bonus of a customizable entertainment area in the same aft structure!).
The cabinhouse design offers maximum real estate for solar panels while remaining visually aesthetic with sleek, wraparound windows. Sugar scoop cutouts in the transom make for easy boarding and tying up a dinghy alongside the inner hull. Another unique feature of the Gunboat 68 is ‘The Breakthrough.’ Though an aesthetic concept by Quément and Chedal Anglay at the outset, we quickly identified many uses such as a lead for dock lines, a short power cords, or a dock hose, as well as a stepping point for boarding. This is a great example (albeit rare) where function follows form!
Long topside windows are visually striking and ensure fabulous natural lighting in the hull cabins. The mast located further aft than prior models, combined with an increased beam offers a higher safety margin and increased righting moment. The modern wave-piercing bow profile gives a sense of modernity and increased performance. These design decisions are made with aesthetics, performance and utmost safety in mind for a blue water performance cruiser.
Christophe Chedal Anglay compares our project to a race around the world (at a time when we’re all inspired by the recent solo-round-the-world record by François Gabart aboard MACIF – a VPLP designed 30m trimaran!). “The Gunboat 68 captures the lightweight structure, expectation of performance, and luxury that is race-inspired but truly a platform for people who would enjoy going around the planet. Detailed design and planning have given us a great jump off the start line!”
Patrick le Quément further unpacks what we’re looking at: “In design, there is this rule that one searches for balance. With the Gunboat 68 we sought the perfect imbalance – the notion of movement and speed. The proportions make the boat look right, like it is positioned moving forward in the sea and totally adequate for its purpose. There are no straight lines – everything is designed with taut curves as in nature. There are no mechanical radii, instead we designed accelerated lead-ins that look right from any angle. There are curves, an overall strength and authentic design that we did not want to look aggressive – we just made it awesome.”
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