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This truly is what we love about our interaction with much of the sailing community…
I  want to thank you for introducing me to an aspect of sailing that never occurred to me, that being sailing on foils. Over on Dinghy Anarchy, I found a link to the UFO foiling sailboat. A year ago I got on a plane and flew to Rhode Island to test the prototype boat. I was only on the boat 20 minutes, but I was actually able to get the boat to pop up and had one maybe four second ride before it came off the foils. But I knew it was possible even at age 59.
So I purchased boat number five. It arrived in August, which is the absolute worst time of year for us from a sailing perspective as we have zero wind and one hundred degree heat in Texas. So I wasn’t able to get the boat out until October, and while I did get the boat to pop up some, I really didn’t know what I was doing. The second time I went out I did much better. Above is a video taken of my third time on the boat. This was also likely my worst ride of the day as it was marginal by the time this video was taken, and as you see, I sailed into the hole first and Theo sailed into it shortly thereafter, causing both of us to come off the foils.
This video was shot in November. I have taken the boat out one other time since then, raised the boat full ride height (in the video I was still in training mode with the boat not coming out of the water is much as it can), and am now capable of consistent flight practically all the way across the lake. Mind you, that occurred on my fourth time on the boat!
Anyway, if not for your site, I would not be in a position to have a blast screwing around on a boat like this at age 60.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Anarchist Brig