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Big Pimpin’
Great things happen when an experienced Owner and his team establish a close relationship with a good boatbuilder. The best boats are built when the Owner’s team and the Builder’s team know and trust each other allowing them to work together as one team to deliver exactly what the Owner wants.
New England Boatworks (NEB) of Portsmouth, RI, builder of RAMBLER 88, Stars and Stripes, PUMA Volvo 70 among others, has enjoyed such a relationship while building two Maxi 72’s you may have heard of, both named Bella Mente. These projects resulted in a high degree of Owner satisfaction and saw success at the highest level on the race course. NEB is thrilled to announce that they have been chosen to build a third Bella Mente, to be constructed to the highest standard with today’s most advanced materials.  
NEB is looking for people who want to join an unbelievable team of people who have been building some of the world’s most cutting-edge race boats for nearly 30-years. If you’re an outstanding boat builder, or are motivated to become one, now’s your chance to build the next Bella Mente and become part of a team that sports a long tradition of building successful racing yachts. Email your resume to Harry Hallgring, visit www.neboatworks.com/careers.php, or call 401-683-4000 for an application.