because it's sailing

Those of you who have spent some time RC racing know how much fun it is. Like any racing, it has all the same elements, with a whole bunch of new ones. We have a couple of IOM’s, with the Vickers design V-8 being a very quick light to medium air boat; along with a refurbished Soling (for sale!) and a trick ODOM. As awesome as the IOM is, it is a development class so the landscape is constantly moving and can be really expensive to stay state of the art.
We knew the Dragon Flight 95 was making some inroads, and there are at least 10 people who have bought them for sailing here at the Mission Bay Model Boat Pond. Just yesterday, we received an e-mail with an incredible deal: brand new complete DF 95 including sails, rigging, receiver and transmitter(!), carbon fiber keel fin, etc. for $350.00!! There may not be many left, but check it out here. Perhaps not high tech enough for the top end guys (spreaderless rig, stumpy sailplan, etc.) it nonetheless looks like a good way to try something new for peanuts.
So I ordered two (one for my fiance – she hasn’t RC’d yet and this seems the perfect, simple way to go about it). There is a Demo Day race at the pond on Jan 13, and there will boats for people to check out and sail, so come on out! – ed.