14 again

Big Pimpin’
A new foray into a crowded field, the new Seascape 14. It is the first Seascape without the ballasted keel, with a single rudder and inverse bow. But a Seascape nonetheless:
mobile – low weight for extended mobility and car roof transport, super simple – a layout that will make it easy and fun to use, smart – adaptable rig configuration.
Seascape14 connects the modern sailing experience for single and doublehanded crews alike.
While single handers and beginners will appreciate the simplicity of the standard Cat rig configuration, the 14 also comes with the full 3 sails setup, suitable for doublehanders and ambitious singlehanders.
Full configuration can be scaled down to mainsail only while sailing: just roll the jib and move the daggerboard to the aft slot.
Standard configuration can be simply retrofitted to full configuration – all attachment points are already built into the boat. Check it.
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