bad words

Thank christ cooler heads prevailed in the ludicrous VOR Rule 69 protest lodged against Scallywag was dismissed. As we understand it, Dawn Riley (and perhaps others) filed a complaint at the World Yacht Racing Forum last week about said “incident”. That went to World Sailing, as there is a new procedure for all WS sanctioned events, where basically anyone can file a complaint and it has to get investigated.
That’s what happened here. As we understand it, nobody involved in this edition of the race, from VOR to the teams, etc. filed a complaint.
Now let’s hope this gives pause to the politically correct, hand-wringing people who want to over legislate this sport to their nanny state ideal. Get back to sailing and quit worrying about what “bad words” other people are saying. Especially when it has nothing to do with you, Dawn Riley.
Title thanks to one of the best movies you’ve never seen.