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From the concept of an inexpensive catamaran t-foiler to the UFO dinghy’s unique sail solution to the kid running the company, everything about Fulcrum Speedworks screams ‘disruptive.’ That’s why we’re sharing this cheeky and disruptive Cyber Monday special from Dave and the UFO boys – ’cause at least someone in this fucking sport is marketing like it’s 2017!
Hurry though – just four hours left on this excellent special…
SURPRISE Cyber Monday UFO sale! Five individual build slots will be sold today at 10% off between 12pm Eastern time to 8pm Eastern Time today. Build slots sold today are for delivery in the spring of 2018. Contact [email protected] to redeem this crazy offer! 
That’s $6840 for a complete NEW UFO!  WAIT WHAT??? Aren’t Cyber Monday sales just for accessories and gear??! Why are you doing this with whole boats??

Happy Holidays From Fulcrum Speedworks