Fuck if we know about any of this, but it seems pretty believable given what morons these two appear to be. We’ve been known to be fans of a little BDSM from time to time, so we aren’t judging, but god damn if this isn’t funny as hell! From the UK’s Daily Mail…
EXCLUSIVE: Truth about the bungling yachtswomen ‘lost at sea for five months’ – one was crash-prone ‘kinky sailor’ who paid for trip by working as a dominatrix – and the other had never sailed at all (and now they’re planning to write a book)
Jennifer Appel, 48, and Tasha Fuiava, 27, say they were lost at sea for months before being rescued by the US Navy 900 miles off the coast of Japan on October 25
The women said that they set out from Honolulu on a 50ft sailboat called the Sea Nymph on May 3 but a series of conflicting claims have been made since, causing confusion about their story
Now DailyMailTV can reveal that Appel was a self styled ‘kinky sailor’ (that’s her pictured having a little spank session)who set off from Hawaii in an ‘unseaworthy’ yacht after paying for the trip by working as a dominatrix and an exotic dancer
Appel was also an erotic novelist, a landscape architect and organic farmer. The petite blonde had a history of maritime catastrophes as she crashed her first boat, the FSOW, in an accident in January 2012
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