dumb and dumber

Anyone who knows shit from shinola knows these two non-sailor dopes are not only making this story up, but they know nothing about actual ocean passagemaking. Of course Matt Lauer is a tool, so  while there are plenty of softballs, there is no chance of any actual journalism. If you can stand listening to the one idiot tell her fish story, while the other sits there mute, be sure to watch the video.
The two female sailors who were rescued from their yacht by the USS Ashland in the Western Pacific are pushing back against allegations that their story may not line up with the circumstances of their voyage.
Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava told their rescuers that they departed from Hawaii on May 3 for a three-week voyage to Tahiti. Shortly after getting under way, they said, their vessel was damaged in a severe, three-day storm. However, satellite imagery from the time period in question shows no evidence of a major storm system in the area. A small craft advisory was in effect at the time, but there is no record of heavy weather of the kind the women described.
In addition, the two women had an EPIRB on board, but they never activated it because “they never felt like they were truly in distress, like in a 24-hour period they were going to die,” according to a Coast Guard spokeswoman. However, they claimed that they had attempted to signal passing ships for 98 days. Additionally, scientists questioned their account of a sustained attack by tiger sharks – a species that does not normally harass boats for hours at a time. Appel contended that the sharks repeatedly rammed the sailboat’s hull. Read on if you care.