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After four up-and-down years at Oracle Racing, multiple AC winner (in multiple roles) Grant Simmer has moved over to Land Rover BAR as CEO for their run at Auckland.  Remember this isn’t the first go-round for the encyclopedic Aussie with the same(ish) group – Simmer signed on in 2010 as big boss for Sir Keith Mills short-lived Team Origin program (which included Ainslie in a key role), but left for Oracle when Origin went extinct.
Is Oracle’s failure to rehire one of the most experienced guys in the Cup world yet more evidence that Larry’s (hopefully) some other sport’s problem now?  Or as Jimmy said in a Red Bull interview the other day, does he ‘want to get the Cup back?’ and this is simply a sign of Ellison’s move to a new management structure after the Coutts/Simmer/Spithill show ended in such humiliation under the Bermudan sun?