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75 x 60?

Anarchist yl75 caught a juicy little tidbit in the very latest edition of french sailing rag Voiles & Voiliers about the next America’s Cup.  The French editors are typically quite credible, and while this rumor stretches the bounds of reality a bit, it actually gybes with what we’ve heard: A giant, lead-free beast that will be tough to keep from falling over in light air, while foils will create righting moment to deal with the forces in the heavy.  Here’s the translation of the French piece:
“From a well-informed source, we can already announce that the AC75 will have a total beam of 18 meters (due to gigantic foils) and no keel, for a total displacement of 5 tons.  Imagine a 75-foot sailing dinghy flying over the water with the possibility of capsizing…”
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