when it absolutely, positively has to be there…

Update: Well, the false statements, misinformation, ineptitude and lack of action from both TNT and Fed Ex have resulted in our sails still sitting in Japan as of 0800 PST Friday. The bullshit we were handed last night about the sails being in Cali was exactly that. All of the work and anticipation that has gone into making this weekend’s regatta happen is for naught, and all directly due to the fuckery of these two shipping companies. They have known about the urgency of this for three full days. I even agreed to an additional $436 in shipping costs to get them here, yet these imbecilic incompetents couldn’t even do that.
I am going to go as far up the food chain I can go to make sure that this is known. I am a relentless complainer when the situation calls for it, and this is certainly that. I may just be some asshole with a website, but I’ll make myself heard.
You may, or most likely may not be wondering about the status of the Anarchy III. Here it is in hangout mode which Mary and I have been doing the last few weekends. With a slip like this, it makes chillin the most really fun. Yes, those are cockpit cushions!
But that’s about enough of that. We are ready to hit the start line against 15 other boats in PHRF Class 4 at the CRA Halloween Regatta this weekend, except there is one little problem: Fed Ex. Paul Eldrid of OneSails Australia has made sure the sails are right and they left a bit later than expected. Not to worry, a priority shipment sent out Oct 20 taking no more than five days according to Fed Ex, gets them here with days to spare.
Nope, Fed Ex has so fucked up this shipment (one that we changed to ‘time critical’ days ago), that the sails are sitting in Japan as I write this, with no promise and little hope of them getting here on time. The last thing they asked me was what time do they have to be here….Saturday morning!
The truth is these fuckers still have nearly 36 hours to get the sails here, but after 3 days of phone calls to them and the almost universal incompetency of their agents, I am guessing we will be chilling this weekend…. – ed.