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Big Pimpin’
PredictWind is constantly updating their Offshore App to provide you with the best possible forecast experience and the latest tools and features. The PredictWind Offshore App now operates on 4 platforms, Mac, PC, iOS and Android. All of these platforms have had major updates with the Windows 10 version being fully rebuilt from the ‘ground up’ as a Microsoft certified ‘Windows Universal App’.
Another new App is the long awaited Android version of the Offshore App, “this completes a significant milestone of getting the Offshore App accessible across all widely used platforms, which has been a long term goal and is unmatched by other weather providers,” commented Jon Bilger PredictWind CEO. The iOS version has gone from strength to strength and now has the “direct download” functionality when on a web, iridium go, optimizer or globalstar connection making it easier than ever to get the best weather data wherever you are.
Over 12 months of work has gone into the software updates resulting in better usability along with a suite of new features. We now have ocean & tidal currents displayed within the Offshore App which can be compared with Sea Surface Temperature along with your optimal weather route. The weather routing tool now has the option to follow the boat on the map and control the animation speed.
In addition the map display has a Lat/Long grid with a pop up data box to display the Lat/Long along with the relevant weather data, such as wind speed, direction, pressure, wave or currents data for any point on the map. Gust and Cape parameters have been added to help avoid severe weather for the safety of all mariners. All weather data is now quicker to retrieve, by optimizing grib requesting time on the PredictWind servers. Bilger further commented that “Many of the new features are the result of customer feedback, along with
the expert team at PredictWind who have a lifetime of real world sailing experience.”
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