bogan of the week

Update: The shitty Tri in Hawaii, it gets shittier! It was built outdoors in Nawiliwili Harbor. When I finished the San Francisco to Kauai Race (Now Pac Cup) in 1982, it was complete with 3 hulls and crossbeams. Doesn’t look like anything ever happened to it since then. Not sure if it ever sailed.  – Anarchist Brett.
The ultimate expression of “she’ll be right, mate”… As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s ill-conceived charter vessel. A group of Aussies recently picked up this old dismasted piece of shit trimaran in Hawaii and are prepping it for a long journey to Australia where it will be operated as a booze barge. VPLP’s design team apparently lost out on the contract for the custom port-side helm station to Home Depot.
With a few thousand miles of blue water in between Hawaii and Australia, what could possibly go wrong? And here is the story of the boat’s origins!