rock your world

Yep, that’s your faithfull ed in red out on the Extreme 32 “Lupe Tortilla” before the start of today’s Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego today. Cracking wise and thoroughly digging the ride, Ed was nearly at a loss for words. (Right).
Hooked up by Andrew “Macca” McPherson, the ed and his beautiful fiancee Mary Hardy enjoyed a rare breezy dago day.
“Having never foiled before, it was amazing to watch this thing effortlessly elevate on the foils. I think we hit just over 26 knots and it was nothing short of awe inspiring. What I really enjoyed the most was watching the team of only five sail this thing very close to its maximum ability. The communication was fascinating – almost a different language as the boat is seemingly from a different planet than ‘normal’ boats.”
The team didn’t fare too well in the racing, but the experience of sailing on these boats will blow away whatever you thought you knew.