Big Pimpin’
Same Same but different…the 2017 Fremantle to Geraldton Race started in a SW Seabreeze which just filled in time for the start. Pretty normal you would think being Fremantle in Spring…but even the weather bureau got this one wrong, along with predict wind and every other provider of data.
Intense cells produced by a trough produced rain, lightning and downdrafts across the 220 nm race north changed the race strategy significantly and it was a race of many sail changes and a wind direction that did a few laps of the compass rose.
Our team worked really hard all race, day and night to make sure we always had the right sail combination and were on the making board going as fast as possible. This, some great navigating by the Scoop plus our dynamite new OneSails A2+ were instrumental in the win. – Paul Eldrid, OneSails.
Music from one of the greatest rock tunes ever.