license to ill, part II

When you’re hot, you’re hot, and nobody is hotter than electronics and nav guru Artie Means. Artie just guided Peter Thornton’s turboed Volvo 70,  as they set the new outright elapsed time record from Chicago to Mackinac. We grabbed Artie for a quick five post record questions…
Q: How did this come about?
A: A very lucky opportunity as Il Mostro’s navigator, Matt wWachowicz ‘was busy at another event, I got to jump in as the guest navigator. Plus Peter assembles a killer team (Justin Slattery, Phil Trinter, Freddie Shanks, Chris Higgins, etc). Chicago YC has encouraged teams to make WSSRC approved runs to establish records outside of the race window.
Q: What were the challenges?
A: It’s always tricky to find a good weather window for a run like this, especially when trying to beat a multihull record with a monohull; it takes really good conditions, a solid team, boat, and minimal breakage. We had all of those!
Q: How was the boat?
A: The boat is awesome. A Volvo 70, lightened up, bigger spirit, bigger main, deeper keel….basically all the tricks.
Q: Was it ever in doubt?
A: The start was quite dicey. We had 7-10 knots for the first few hours; which aren’t record setting conditions. But we were banking (with A LOT of advice from Ken Campbell – Commander’s WX) on the building breeze, and wanted the flatter prefrontal sea state. Luckily it all worked out quite nicely.
Q: What’s the next challenge for you?
A: Dave & Peter Askew just added a Volvo 70 to the Wizard team; so really excited to be prepping & navigating for Sydney Hobart with their team.
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