a helping hand

After the Caribbean Islands were left devastated from recent hurricanes, Dutch yacht transport company Sevenstar quietly went to work. The result: last week Sevenstar delivered 140 pallets of aid, including generators, medicines and water at no cost to the devastated island of St Thomas for the American Red Cross.
Says Richard Klabbers, MD Sevenstar Yacht Transport: “We are frequent visitors to the Caribbean islands, delivering hundreds of yachts each year. Over the last ten years we have built many great relationships; they are close friends and are in great need of help to re-build their community. We have the ships, and we want to help. It is fantastic to be able to assist in a meaningful way with what we do best – providing timely transports in a well prepared and coordinated manner.”
We see it as our humanitarian responsibility to take care of those in need and where possible we will help at no cost.
Please contact Nic K├╝hne who is coordinating our aid efforts on should you feel we can be of further service.