blooper time!

Or is it? Here’s a question that at first has the obvious answer of “NO”, and that is once we start sailing the Anarchy III (first race is the CRA Halloween Regatta October 28!), do you think we should fly the blooper that came with the boat?
Pictured here is the Santa Cruz 33 Freight Train sailed by Gary Swenson in the (we think) 1977 Santa Barbara to King Harbor race. It is obviously working in the pic, but would it today?
Jump in and let the insults fly!
NEW: Here’s the best response in a pretty long, and remarkably fun thread about said Blooper:
Scooter, I had a Santa Cruz 27 for a decade — from 1975 (new from the factory) until I moved to Europe in 1985. Since my brother is a sail maker, I had every sail anyone could imagine, including bloopers. The first few years, most other SC27s also had bloopers, and we often had several well sailed SC27s in any given race.
After about a year or two of Wet Wednesdays and other high-frequency events, it was very, very clear that bloopers were slower. Whichever boats used bloopers were down positions or at least distance by the leeward mark, no matter which boats used or did not use bloopers. And we all sometimes used them, and sometimes did not. All these boats had good sail programs and good sailors. All the boats were new. Racing was very tight.
SC27 and SC33 have essentially identical hull forms, SA/D, SA/WS, D/L ratios, so I would be astonished if this lesson did not apply to your SC33.
So I would CERTAINLY fly a blooper, just because its fun and keeps the entire crew involved, and is appropriate for the era the boat was built. Like playing tunes by the Beach Boys in a ’63 Corvette convertible, or Highway Star in a ’71 Plymouth Cuda Hemi with a 4 speed.
But I no longer care about winning trophies: I threw away a dumpster full of them in 1985. If you want trophies (nothing wrong with that!!) then don’t fly the blooper.
I’m turbo-ing the shit out of my Olson 40!  I could not care less what happens to my rating.