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Q: How do you make a million dollars in the boating industry?
A: Start with two million.
Power Boat and Sailboat Lines along with Intellectual Property to be sold November 9. Sailboats, Travel Lifts, Marina Equipment, Woodworking Equipment, Machine Shop Equipment and all assets of US Watercraft LLC to be sold November 11.
The Receiver of the bankrupt US Watercraft, LLC has authorized Salvadore Auctions, Inc. of Narragansett, RI to liquidate the assets of the company at public auction. Michael Salvadore Jr., President of Salvadore Auctions will lead two separate auctions for the assets of the company. The first auction will held November 9 for the molds, plugs, intellectual property of True North line of power boats, North Rip line of center console boats, Alerion Sailboats and certain license of J Boat designs. Prospective bidders can conduct their due diligence online as well as tour the site with the auctioneer.
The second auction will follow on November 11 and will include the inventory of Farr and J Boat sailboats, Acme H30 travel Lift, Heavy Duty Forklifts, large inventory of Woodworking Equipment, Welders and Machine Shop equipment including Swagging Machines along with Keel Molds, Boat Stands, Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts, Boat and Marine Parts and Supplies will be sold to the highest bidder. The inventory of various weights of Fiberglass, Balsa, Foam, Fabrication Equipment and, according to Salvadore “everything that isn’t securely bolted to the floor or building. Everything goes to the highest bidder, regardless of the price, including the boats. As this is a Receiver’s sale, the highest bid is the winner. Winning bidders are going to go home very happy.”
Bidders will be able to bid both live onsite at the Saturday November 11 auction or they can bid online from their smart phone, tablet or PC simultaneously with the live bidders. Salvadore Auctions, Inc. provides bidders with complete flexibility for bidding. Bidders can inspect the bots and equipment Friday November 10 and Saturday November 11 at the auction site 373 Market Street, Warren RI.
”Now is the time to get prepared for next year’s boating season and do it at auction prices” say Salvadore. Salvadore’s motto is “Buy Right! Buy at AUCITON!” and why not?” says Salvadore “this will be the opportunity for the marina operator, boat owner, woodworker to get top quality equipment at auction prices, so come and get it.”
Information on the auction can be found online at www.siaai.com or on Facebook “Salvadore Auctions”
For additional information contact Michael A. Salvadore Jr., SPA, MPPA, President at 401.792.4300 or via email at [email protected]
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