craigslist gem

Most of you probably don’t know (and don’t care) that we found our Santa Cruz 33 on Craigslist. Despite the kind of wrecks and absurdities that we make fun of, there are some gems. Here is a recent example found on the east coast. This J-34 was found and bought for a ridiculously low price, and apparently in decent shape. From Anarchist Pete:
It was a steal, Craigslist special. Was asking $7,500, paid $4,000. Has a 18hp Volvo diesel in excellent shape, fired right up and purrs like a kitten. Down below was in great shape with the exception of some rot in the floorboards. These boats had a very shallow bilge so any amount of water in there and the floorboards were basically sitting in it.
Has the usual soft spots in the deck you’d expect from J boat from that era but all very repairable. Fortunately my partner works for Back Cove Yachts here in Maine and is going to cut some of those sweet, lightweight cherry veneers they are putting in most boats now to look like teak. I’ll start sending you the full 411 next week. 
Any of y’all find a goody on CL? Let us know!