the same only different

Day 2 A Cat NA’s ….almost a print of day one. Same weather, same wind ( well it went a little more right today), same temperature, and pretty much the same results.
Mischa totally dominated again with three bullets. Bruce and Matt were in a total rock fight with super close finishes. Brandon was right in there too. Larry Woods has been boringly consistent this entire regatta with a fifth place in every single race.
Very close racing in the classic fleet – Damian La Casella, Woody Cope, Rush Bird, Criag Yandow and the rest. In the third race the Admiral had to sub in for Emmanuel Cerf due to a shoulder injury from a collision at the start.
In general, race committee work has been flawless. Couple individual recalls, one general recall.
Spectating from the rib has been spectacular. Seeing the skill level of the top sailors and the close battles both mid fleet, classics, foilers, has been great to watch and a great learning experience.
We’ve had great media coverage, top notch photography, drone coverage. Treasurer Bill Vining said “If you want to learn how to foil, come to San Diego”.
Daniel Seagraves said ” I’ve learned more in four days than I have in the last year of sailing A Cats…the people in the class are collaborative and super helpful in sharing their knowledge”
Tomorrow may see a change in weather…maybe lighter…but the ground hog may still be hanging around.
Overall awesome event…no one is complaining and So Cal is certainly delivering!
Results. – Ben Hall