let them drive

Big Pimpin’
Almost every training center for sailors around the world teaches how to trim the sails, how to service a diesel engine, how to plot a 3 point fix on the paper chart, how to splice a line… But why doesn’t anybody teach how to use or fix that f***ing expensive chartplotter that is right in front of your helm? Or how to use all that fancy navigation software that seems to be so useful to the Volvo Ocean Race sailors you see in the videos? Well, we don’t know why no-one taught these things, but those times are over! OceanDrivers are here.
In 2015 a Spanish computer engineer and an Italian mathematician- both experienced sailors- have founded an Academy focused on helping sailors of all levels (skippers, racing crew, weekend sailors and cruisers) to understand their electronics and how to get the very best from them! The OceanDrivers Academy is based on a great group of professional sailors and navigators and is supported by partnerships with some of the best marine electronics companies in the world.
To reach every sailor in the world the instructors have now recorded some courses that you can follow online whenever you want! Check them here.
And every month they are putting more and more courses on and adding different languages, follow their activities on facebook.