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Rumors have been flying around for some time now that Seascape is about to unveil a new design, but there has been no official confirmation – not a peep from the shipyard in Slovenia where the boats are made. And dogged yacht hacks haven’t even been able to get the scoop until recently, when Yacht Online landed a rendering of the new design with the internal code name D-2. The biggest news here: The boat is a mere 14 feet.
They might be onto something here. Most companies tend to go larger and longer. The obvious next design would have been somewhere in the 30 to 35 foot range – a boat that has already been requested by many fans of the brand.  From sources close to the company, the market launch is already planned. Look for the introduction this winter, and expect to see the first models hitting the US market this spring.
Like the Seascape 18, Seascape 24 and Seascape 27 before it, this Mini-Seascape will make headlines, because of its simplicity, ease of use and here we go again – its size. Expect the weight to be low enough to carry on top of the car roof.
The abbreviation “D2” very likely means a two-person dinghy designed according to RCD category D for protected waters (up to 4 Beaufort, waves up to 0.3 meter). The cockpit ergonomics will, however, be designed to be laid out for singlehandling – not a surprise looking at the background of the company. The founders Andraž Mihelin and Kristian Hajnšek, both mini-transat sailors, are always searching for ways to make their boats compatible with the solo sailing lifestyle.
One of the main similarities with its bigger sisters is that the dinghy has a large gennaker, which appears on a retractable bowsprit. With a 14 ft. hull length, the boat is small enough to toss on your car roof rack.  This also keeps true to the Seascape philosophy, which is based on mobility.
What is a clear design departure is the single rudder blade. The Seascape 18, Seascape 24 and Seascape 27 each have twin rudders.  According to the leaks from the shipyard, they are still working on a system that allows the boat to get into the water comfortably from a car – possibly even by means of rollers integrated into the fuselage.
Stay tuned for the official launch of the “D-2”.  Word is she may be unveiled at Düsseldorf this winter.  
In the meantime, you can see the Seascape 24 and the Seascape 27 at the Annapolis Boat Show, which starts this Thursday and runs through Monday, October 9th.
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