race to the bottom

How many lessons are to be learned from the rank incompetency and arrogance of SWYC? The San Diego to Ensenada race, their one and only signature race, is slowly being smothered to death by them.
With entries closing in two days, they have a whopping 31 boats entered, with 8 being cruising/motoring class, 2 ancient mariner. that leaves 21 boats split between 5 classes. It gets even more pathetic when you consider that class 4 – the class that we would have been in had they not rejected our entry – has 8 boats, meaning there are 13 boats split between 4 classes.
Do the math, SWYC, and see just what a terrible job you have done promoting this race.  We know you idiots won’t do a god damn thing about it, but is anyone else listening?