cruising composite sails?

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Decided it’s time to update the sails on our cruising 40’er and have been getting some initial quotes on lower end of the composite range. Race the boat most weekends along with mostly shorter cruising trips to favourite anchorages and a longer coastal cruise every couple of years.
Divided the process into 3 areas, service, price and product/performance.
For service, have relied on recommendations and then initial local contact impression from the lofts. So far, all pretty much equal, the lofts are prompt in answering questions and providing advice, inviting me to come and look at their products, lots of information.
Price. So far, pretty even with Norths 3Di Nordac being a bit cheaper than the others I’ve got (Quantum Fusion MC4000 and OneSails Forte 110C). Have also requested UK x-drive. I haven’t pressed on price yet. Will probably choose from these 4 as they come recommended and am happy with initial discussions. More quotes will just add to the confusion.
Product. Yep, each says theirs is best for my needs/budget and explains why. This is where I lose it, how do you compare? How do you choose? Each says their manufacturing process is the best, their materials etc etc. Read the brochures and get more confused. Is there much of a difference in what I’m looking at or am I just over complicating it?
Anyone been down this path with the same dilemma?
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