game on

Proving that some people are not only small-minded and vindictive, but they also behave in ways that go against the corinthian nature of our sport. Is this really the pony that SWYC wants to bet on? Is this really the kind of publicity they want their club to get?
I guess the answer is yes. Perhaps they have not heard the saying, “be careful what you wish for.”
This morning I woke to this e-mail:
Mr.  Tempesta,
 As per the letter we sent you dated February 15 of this year, we are rejecting your entry to the Little Ensenada Race. The letter stated that we are rejecting any entry by you or the boat “Anarchy” for the year 2017.
Peter Blake, Little Ensenada Race Chair
One has to wonder how an entire yacht club can be driven by just a couple – if not one – members in doing something like this. Well, I am done wondering.
Today I have begun putting together not only a protest against SWYC, and a letter of complaint to US Sailing, I am consulting with an attorney to evaluate what, if any, legal options I may have.
I am done tolerating their bullshit. – ed.