snub off

I see New Zealand Herald are at it again seems to be typical NZ Herald reporting on sailing- trying to sensationalize something that is not sensational. They claim that Larry Ellison is set to “snub the America’s Cup ”.
For the record snub means to “ignore or spurn disdainfully”(Oxford English Dictionary) This comes on the back of Russell Coutts confirming by e-mail to America’s Cup expert and leading Yachting Journalist, Bob Fisher (Please note, the offending headline wasn’t written by ‘The Fish’) that it was unlikely that Larry Ellison’s Oracle USA team  would be competing in America’s Cup.
Now I was not really a fan of the multihulls but AC 33; 34 & 35 were what they were, they kept the cup alive and that is all down to the Oracle founder whatever your opinion – he footed much of the bill.
Larry Ellison tried to a) win the America’s Cup and then b) defend the America’s Cup. JOB DONE, he’s got the T-shirt – that’s all. It is hardly a snub. The article writer clearly failed Journalism 101 – or English for that matter.
Was Ernesto not re-challenging after losing a snub? Or Alan (Bond) doing likewise? Or Sir Thomas eventually giving up? Of course it wasn’t, this was just some Kiwi editor trying to stir an empty pot.
Not so much a cheap shot as a free shot. Grow up New Zealand Herald, your readers deserve better than this.
Al Skinner aka Shanghai Sailor