strict class

We were kind of surprised to see the new Melges IC 37, which was originally introduced as the NYYC One Design, but is now branded and managed and sold by Melges. There are a couple things that really jump out:
1) Only Group 1 sailors can sail
2) An attractive price of $259,000
3) Must get North Sails
We dig 1 and 2, but even ignoring our dislike of North Sails, why, oh why, would they limit sails to only one sailmaker?? What is the incentive for salesmen from OneSails, or Dolye, or Ullman, or Quantum or any other sailmaker to recommend this boat if they can’t sell sails?
What if you are a long time and happy customer of any of the above sailmakers and want to stay with that brand?
It is a ridiculous rule and one that we are certain will be met with derision from any sailmaker who isn’t North.  Comments?