delta dawn

Big Pimpin’
Speaking of Doyle, it is interesting to see that they are now building a lower cost product for boats under 15 meters. They look good, too bad you can’t get them for your Melges IC 37…
Doyle Sails is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to their performance cruising and racing range, DELTA.
Delta’s high-quality fibre options and layouts offer a modern alternative to the traditional panelled sail construction. Utilizing the same plant and technology as their premier product Stratis, Delta customers will reap all the benefits of proven manufacturing processes.
Specifically developed for the local club racer and coastal cruiser under 15 metres (50 ft) – Doyle can customise each sail based on size of yacht and purpose of use. Creating a 3-dimensional model (as pictured below), helps to consider all of the accurate parameters of the boat, and is essential to the sail flying as intended.
The fibres used in Delta laminates will include Black Technora and Carbon as the primary load bearing yarns. Technora fibres are extremely durable and resistant to flex fatigue, whereas Carbon fibre’s have the ability to resist stretch and maintain great shape retention over the life of the sail. With the option for white taffeta or clear UV films, both surfaces will have technora x-ply to counter act off axis loads. Doyle Sails.