tesla of the waves?

Given how many mariners are run over by ships, will this be good or bad for ocean racing and sailing?
Given the media focus on autonomous cars, it might be expected that self-driving vehicles will be in use before autonomous ships. The reality is quite the reverse, according to a report on the future of autonomous maritime systems produced by Lloyd’s Register, QinetiQ and the University of Southampton.
Applied artificial intelligence, low cost low size sensors, increased connectivity, improved cyber security and better energy management are all likely to drive rapid and disruptive change in the maritime industry.
Major initiatives by organizations, such as Rolls Royce, Japanese shipbuilders and Norway-based Kongsberg (in partnership with Yara, a Norwegian chemical company) have all revealed plans to develop all-electric and autonomous container ships by 2020. There is a fierce race to be first across the finish line, states the report.
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