pole back!

I honestly thought I’d never say those words again, but hell froze over when I bought the Santa Cruz 33! Here is the rendering of our  Airex 500 Runner (and main) from OneSails Australia,  who are building the entire new sail inventory for Anarchy III. We are getting the latest in their FORTE 4T  (full pre-preg and ultra high modulus) mainsail and upwind sails, and are looking forward to doing some spinnaker development, especially for reaching.
Those of you with older boats, or thinking about buying one, you really can give them a new life – and one for yourself as well! It is amazing what some new sails, gear and ‘tude can do. We already like this boat the best of our others – we feel more attached because of the work we are putting into it, it’s hang-out-ability, and just kinda going old skool racing – we dig the whole scene!
Oh and it is worth noting that there is one website editor in SD who has over the last decade owned and actively raced a FT 10, a Shaw 650, GP 26, Melges 32, and now a Santa Cruz 33. Gladly supporting tons of local folks, as well as national and international businesses, I have always put my money where my mouth is.
And then there is one cut and paste ‘editor’ who doesn’t. Ever. – ed.