Granted this is from Friday, but very relevant and it shows how quickly society falls apart
Folks: the situation in Tortola, if you can believe it, is becoming even more dire. Fear and panic are setting in and friends on the ground are scared. Looting has begun. I have reached out to the Chicago Tribune to tell the story as BVI is getting little to no coverage. It is very unsafe on Tortola and hundreds and hundreds of people need evacuation. Another storm is coming and almost everyone is homeless and without adequate shelter.
Rumor has it St. Maarten is a war zone….Tortola will follow suit if WE DO NOT GET EVACUATION SERVICES AND A MILITARY PRESENCE IMMEDIATELY!!!! Anyone in this network who can help I appreciate it. Scott has landed in PR and I have warned them not to go to Road Town for fear of ambush.
So few working boats and cars people likely to storm them…We do not need more people going IN, we need to get people OUT. My friend just sent me this message after I asked him what supplies they need from PR: “Ok thanks. Barely time to think right now, is bad here. People are scared, been some looting, but community pulling together. It’s just the start”
#irma #howthehelldoesitkeepgettingworse #bvi
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