damage report

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Per, of all people, Richard Branson’s kid Sam. He’s written a solid damage report for the BVIs that’s frightening, though perhaps most frightening is that we cannot find a single current report or photo from all of Anegada, which would have taken some of the worst conditions of all.  Branson writes:

I’m just updating as we learn more…No cell, power or wifi coverage in Virgin Gorda. East End of Tortola without power.  [Cell providers] LIME, CCT, and Digicel partially up on Tortola.  Road Town is flooded with many roofs ripped off.  Moorings looks bad from pics I’ve seen, and Paraquita Bay is really bad.  Heard Marina Cay is bad too, but people starting to mill around. Lots of debris, so with the wind everyone needs to still be careful.  Even Scotial Bank and Pusser’s in Road Town are destroyed.  Branson is OK on necker, but lots of damage to the island.  Ivan’s on Jost Van Dyke is destroyed, as are adjacent buildings it appears.  Trellis bay damaged but people are safe.  Sugar Mill Beach Bar is gone, and the hotel roof is off, but thankfully bpeople are safe.  Tamarind Club people are safe at Josiah’s Bay.  Virgin Gorda has no power, wifi, or cell, but Oil Nut Bay has a bunker of people that are safe.  Peter Island peeps are OK but island is wrecked.  All at Scrub Island are safe.  Everyone evacuated to police station during the eye [not sure where he is referring here].  Roof is off Myett’s and Quito’s is gone.  Carrot Bay is flooded.  Nanny Cay has boats piled atop each other.  Leverick Bay dock in VG is gone.  Eustacia Island [wrecked, but peeps safe].